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G5 Massage
G5 Massage

G5 Massage

G5 massage is a soft tissue massage using a mechanical gyratory machine. It's very versatile in that it gives the option of 5 different head attachment to achieved a 'superficial to deep effect' on the soft tissues; thus giving more pressure than a therapist can. Using the system  incorporates three different movements at once: directional stroking, simultaneous vibration and percussion to increase blood flow and nutrition to the skin and underlying tissues whilst stimulating the blood circulation. This is an ideal alternative to traditional 'hands on massage' and would benefit individuals who like a deep massage or have pain or injury in the large, dense muscle groups. It can also be adapted using light vibratory movement over sore and spasmed muscles, promoting blood flow and loosening the muscle. This can be done without the addition of discomfort commonly experienced in a hands on remedial massage.


55 min treatment  £40.00

45 min treatment  £35.00

25 min treatment  £27.00

Half and half G5/Hands on massage is available on request with 55 min treatment. Please request this when booking to ensure availability of the G5 system.


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