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Thread Vein Treatment
Thread Vein Treatment
Thread Vein Treatment
Thread Vein Treatment

Thread Vein Treatment

Here at Ashbrooke Therapies we use The Lynton Lumina Platform. This multi purpose machine offers both Nd:YAG Laser and IPL (Intense pulse light) Thus giving us the flexibility to treat both the thread veins often found on the legs and also on the face. We recommend Nd:YAG laser for legs vessels as it is efficient at overcoming the pressure from the blood circulation that causes the vessel to dilate and rupture.   Nd:YAG is considered  a strong, direct laser and thus is able to seal the vessel more efficiently and reduced risk of trauma to the surrounding skin. Your body’s lymphatic system will remove the blood cells in the vessel over the following months, leaving the skins clear.

Facial vessels can be successfully treated with IPL, such as thread veins around the nose and cheeks. The principle of the treatment is the same as Nd:YAG. Facial vessel generally require less intensity to achieve a result and IPL is a little more gentle to the surrounding skin. However, Nd:YAG is still an alternative for those stubborn vessels on the face if required.


What can it treat?

Thread veins on the face and body

Spider Angioma

Thread veins on the legs

Port wine stains

Cherry Angiomas

Pyogenic Granuloma

Venous Lakes

*Many people are not familiar with the name of the blemish they are concerned about. Not to worry, the consultation will enable us to identify and advise on treatment.

What next!

Your first step is to book in an initial consultation with Joanne, our laser therapist, she is a level 4 qualified practioner so you are in good hands! . You do not need a GPs referral for this consultation. We will carry out a health check, a skin analysis and a laser skin test to ensure you are suitable for treatment. The price of the treatment will be provided, there is no obligation to decide on the day. 


Starting from £40


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